Oceanic Botanics Sea Moss


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With everything going on in the world and health becoming a leading priority in so many people’s life people have started to look towards alternative medicines that are coming straight from Mother Nature itself.

Herbalist and holistic doctors such as Dr. Sebi have been advocates for healing and wellbeing of the body and one source that keeps coming up over and over again is the power of SEA MOSS.

With the ability to heal both inside and out this superfood has been slowly edging towards mainstream publications but is still a well kept secret.

Favoured during the famine of the Irish, Sea moss and potatoes was all they had available so they used what they had and made soup which they lived and survived off due to the mineral content of sea moss. Hence where the name Irish moss came from. This superfood was long associated with the poor so no one ever really looked into and I’m the magic of this moss was lost for a long time.

In the Caribbean people having been using sea moss as a body strengthening tool from years ago and is well known on the island.

This wildcrafted produce is sourced from the depths of the Caribbean Sea and sun kissed by the jamaican sun to dry it out and has been delicate handled and shipped and now is available to have in your very own home.


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